MGIS Project

The purpose of this blog is to share new ideas, comments and the progress made on the Making Games in Schools Project @ Dalbeattie High School.

Making Games!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Two new classes, a new Adventure begins!

The classes have already looked at terrain, added items and creatures and this week we have started conversations (with choices).

Everyone seems to be getting on great, they love it! Both classes keep a blog of their gaming adventures and so I will post a link to these soon.

The only problem is the playing back of the games, where 1 in 3 modules dont load and end up freezing. The technician is on the case though and hopefully that will be sorted out soon.

I am excited to see what the pupils games turn out to be like this term. Lots of different ideas from last year.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Examples of 09/10 PROJECT

New Beginnings!!

The new term/session has begun and there are two new web wizz classes! Thats another 40 pupils learning about the games project Adventure Author this term. The course structure is always changing and I am still looking at opportunites to introduce the games project in S2, breaking it into two units, beginner and advanced.. but we shall see!

The new classes will be starting the project in August/September. They have all set up new blogs and will be ready to document the project as soon as they start.

I am also looking at assessment more closely and ways in which to report on how well the project outcomes have been completed.

I have attatched some of the work completed by last years Web Wizzers.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Project Continues!!!

Everyone loved the trip and the pupils have not stopped talking about it since we got back!

I have managed to get new software installed on all of my pc's to record videos of the pupils games.

Today the pupils created and exported videos showing parts of their game, for example, how to create a conversation or waypoints or even just how their terrain looks. These videos will now be uploaded onto my department website.

The 'web wizz' class are just about to start a unit on HTML code and will base their websites on the Games project. Embedding the flash videos they created and screenshot images of their game. I will make sure links are available to these from my website.

Have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this project, thankyou!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Technical Difficulties

As the class are working through the games project, there have been a couple of technical problems with pupils not being able to load their games, and a few games that have frozen. I think this may be due to the size of the files, or it could be the speed of the network.... the technician is on the case. As well as creating the games the pupils have:

1. In pairs created fantasy mindmaps with as many words as they could think of and

2. Taken part in a GLOW discussion, commenting on aspects of the fantasy genre.

Im constantly looking for new ideas to compliment the project, I was thinking about the pupils creating their own soundtracks using sound editing software, and keeping a video log of how the project is going, or maybe even creating a video tutorial on how to create a game using Adventure author. Lot's of time to try new things out!